Saturday, July 30, 2011

Easy. Peasy. Done.

Some decisions have been really easy.

I mean ridiculously so. I bring it up, we discuss for maybe 10 minutes, tops, decision gets made.

Easy. Peasy. Done. lol

Which decisions? 

Favors: We will not be doing favors. I know I had this great idea but apparently no one in Utah does favors, M had never even heard of them. As I mentioned before, I understand that they are a kind of "Thank You" for the guests, but I have a hard time deciding to fork out $3 to $5 for a knickknack that most will forget, and we will end up throwing away. While we both really like the donation idea, if favors aren't really necessary, we would rather invest that money back into the wedding.

Cake: Traditional cakes are beautiful, don't get me wrong. Gorgeous even. How could you not love visions such as these?

I don't even like pink, but this is beautiful!
Photo by o'holysweet! on Flickr

I love square cakes! So cool.
Cake from

We even know someone who is an AMAZING cake artist, and needs to go into business (**hint, hint** you know who you are....:D )

However, traditional tiered cakes bring in a whole new set of costs. More plates, more utensils, someone to cut it... So, we're nixing that in favor of cupcakes. Oh, we'll have some kind of small round for us to cut and share, but for everyone else? Cupcakes. Delicious and beautiful cupcakes. Mmmmmm...

Groom and groomsmen attire: Tuxes are a bit stuffy, and not really "us", and the rentals don't fit well. Suits are a good stand-in for some, but again, not really "us" and not all of the guys would use it again if we asked them to purchase one. Not to mention that M and at least one of his groomsmen are tall guys and not all shops carry tall sizes. (Which is a travesty.) So, we're going to go with some kind of vest and slacks/khakis/jeans, and I'm thinking Chucks, but that's yet to be determined. M is not on board for Chucks, I might get outvoted on this one. (So this one is not quite finished, but the big decision is made, so it counts right?) I'm thinking something like these...

Image via
Except they'd all match, well, maybe match. lol
Image via

Photo Booth: Perhaps a bit overdone in some circles, it's still a novel idea here in Utah. And everyone I tell is super excited. Although he says otherwise, I don't think M was entirely sold on the idea right up front. He was willing to go along with it, but was unsure of the success. That is, until a coworker of his said that he'd seen it at a wedding, and it was a complete hit. And then M's mom got in on the action and said that she a) LOVED THEM and b) thought it was a fantastic idea. So, while the cost may become an issue for this one, we're totally on board if we can swing it. (And we're planning on heading to the local goodwill store for some cheap props, because they can only make it more awesome!)

See? Four decisions, DONE. :D

Now to decide the big stuff. (You know, when and where... lol)

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