Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweetening Life: The Proposal

Or - How we got engaged.

Sorry about the twin titles thing, but a wedding blog I read dubs recaps with cute titles related to the blogger's avatar. I've always thought it was cute, and since our first initials are M&M (:D) I couldn't resist.

Anyway, I promised the full story, so here it is.

Months and months ago M and I started talking about going up to Park City to see some of the galleries up there. It was something that we found in common when we first started dating, and we always had the "someday" plan of going up there to just wander around for the day.

Sometime in mid-June M asked if I wanted to go up on July 2nd. We both had the day off (his schedule doesn't include traditional weekends) and it seemed like a good time to go. (He sweetened the deal by suggesting some shopping at the outlets up there. :D How could I say no? lol)

I used to facepaint in Park City on the weekends, and still do occasionally, so I suggested we go the 3rd, then we could actually attend the event I had worked so many times, and see all the galleries, and go shopping. Winning all around. M insisted that the 2nd was really the only day, as he had plans for us on Sunday. What plans? I asked. "Don't worry about it." was the response. (He set me up!! I was totally thinking it was going to happen on Sunday!!)

So the morning of the 2nd comes, we meet at his house, and then head to Park City through a gorgeous canyon, stopping anytime there is something interesting on the side of the road. (Yes, we're apparently those people. lol) He's a little quiet, and I ask several times if he's okay. Yep, perfect, awesome, great, etc. etc. I *subtly* check his pockets for small box-like shapes, but there are none. Content in his assurances, and the fact that I know he's doing something the next day, I relax and enjoy the drive. And the shopping. (We ran through that outlet center faster than I would have thought possible, or maybe that's just because it wasn't me and a bunch of other women?) I ended up with a dress, a new pair of jeans (that fit great, a feat since I'm tall) and a shirt, he gets a shirt and a pair of shorts.

We finally pull into Park City in the early afternoon, and start perusing galleries and stores as we come to them. Our motto: Looks interesting? Let's go! :D M seems to have brightened some, he's not so quiet, and so we just wander and enjoy ourselves. (I'm an oblivious chatterbox when the mood strikes, which probably helped immensely.) We had most the galleries to ourselves, so we took our time and examined each piece as if we were famous art critics. Don't pretend you wouldn't.

When we get about halfway down the street, M suddenly wants to cut across and start up the other side. This strikes me as odd, because I know there are galleries farther down, but okay, sure, why not. (See? Oblivious.)

We went into a couple other galleries on that side of the street, and then we went into one where there were a ton of people. A couple of couples and kids, and just people. The only gallery of the day to have people in it. From my perspective, we wandered around. From M's perspective, he very carefully herded me from one section to another, lol, trying to wait until the gallery emptied. (I'm not unconvinced that the curators might have quietly gone around asking people to leave, one family I was talking to left quite abruptly. "OK kids, time to go!")

Now I was allowed to wander freely, although I didn't know it, and I wandered to one of the back walls and around a false wall in the middle, which I never even looked at. I don't know why, but I just spun around it super fast, not even thinking about it. M stood on the side I had missed and called to me, now in almost another part of the store, "Hey babe, these are pretty cool, you should come look at these."

So I wander back there, and as I come around the corner, I catch my name on the wall. My first thought? "Well, that's weird... why would my name be on the wall?" It looked to be in letter form, framed and hung on the wall of the gallery. So I started reading the letter, and about halfway down I see his reflection kneel.


Yep. That's my very first well formed thought. So I finished reading, and spun around, and well, here's the video of what happened from there. :D

Proposal Video

Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to embed it properly. :(

So, there it is! :D It still makes me smile/cry.

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