Friday, July 15, 2011

To Kid or Not to Kid

Okay, so we keep making what amount to little decisions - at least until we have a venue and a day - but here's a debate that I've heard often in the wedding world.

Should we have an adult only wedding? There are many pros and cons for or against having kids. So when my mom, my wedding planner (:D) called and asked which we were doing, I didn't even call M to discuss.

I can't imagine such an event without the children in our lives. M has two nephews, and through my "Utah family" I have several nieces and nephews, and we adore all of them. And I mean that, to my core. Those kids make me smile, and that's a joy that I can't see having a wedding day without.

I mentioned that we wanted to have ring bearers and a flower girl, and she stated that we could just have those kids, but I can't exclude the rest of the kids.

Later I talked with M about it, and although he played devil's advocated for about 2.5 seconds, he agrees. How could we possibly exclude any of our youngest supporters?

So, kid filled wedding it is!!

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