Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We have a date!!

I won't be sharing the exact day here for, well, privacy reasons. I don't want anyone to crash our wedding!!

We're not sure where yet, but the decision has been made for March.

It was actually rather easy.

See, I went in to try on dresses at a David's Bridal in SoCal.* (I went home for my birthday, and, um, COMIC CON. Yes, I'm a geek. :D) At the end of the appointment, the consultant tried to confirm the date that I'd given them when signing up for their website. It was sometime in May, mainly because I didn't have a date.

May doesn't work for various reasons, so I laughed and told her that it was probably more like March, and then arbitrarily picked a weekend that I knew M didn't have to work.

Turns out, this is the same day that my mom has been giving the vendors she's calling, for different various reasons.

It's like the clouds opened up and angels sang. Ok, not really, but it seemed a really easy decision. I came home, discussed it with M for 2.5 seconds, and the decision was made.

Now for a venue, and the big stuff is almost done. :D

*And no, I didn't find a dress. But there were a couple of serious contenders. lol

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