Monday, July 18, 2011


I feel like my brain is skipping all over the place from moment to moment.

The current moment is worried about shoes. Somewhat what shoes will I ask my bridesmaids to wear, but mostly what shoes will I wear?!?!?

Anyone who's known me for any length of time knows that height has always been a big deal for me in dating. (Really, a BIG deal.) In a relationship, I wanted to feel like I was protected, not like I could beat the guy up. Being six foot myself, this is no easy task.

Lucky for me, M is somewhere in the vicinity of 6' 3". (YAY! lol)

Here comes the rub, if I wear any heels that are currently in my possession, I will either be the same height or taller. Not a problem for most, HUGE problem for me, especially since height has been an issue forever. I don't want to be taller, that defeats the point, and although to be the same size wouldn't be that bad, I really would like to be shorter.

So, this puts me in flats right? Except I don't particularly like flats (unless they are sneakers or sandals). I have feet proportionate to my body (read, larger than average) and once fancy flat shoes are bumped up to my size, they can be a little atrocious. I could always wear Chucks or sandals, but I'd need the right dress to pull if off.

And now, thanks to my obsessive reading of the wedding blog-o-sphere, I've seen the beautiful shoes over at

From the Romance Collection - Image from

Handpainted for your particular day. *sigh* gorgeous! (With a price tag to match, ouch.)

It's totally a small personal problem in the grand scheme of things, but a problem nonetheless. :(

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