Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Where?

I struggle with thinking about a location to get married. And by struggle, I mean a huge, epic, relentlessly tiring and emotionally charged, internal battle of immense pros and cons.

Probably 90% of the people in our state already know exactly where they want their ceremony. I know my best friend already knows. M and I live in a state that is predominantly LDS, which means that they usually get married in a temple.

However, M and I are not LDS, (although we are mistaken for it all the time, me more so than him) and so it is completely up to us where our ceremony is. Which is great. Wonderful.

Sort of. :/

See, the problem is that my family (extended-adopted Utah families non-withstanding... love you guys!) lives two states away, while his whole family is here. And so no matter where me plan it, someone will have to travel, it's just a matter of who and how far.

I know this is a decision that doesn't need to be made until we actually have a ring and a date... but it's driving me bonkers.

Compounded with the fact that although more people will have to travel to California, if we choose to do it there, it might be cheaper in the long run because my mother (the wedding planner, remember?) will be able to use her contacts to get us the things we/I want. (With the amazing exception of Henry, her florist, who has already told her that if Utah is the place, he will be there to do the flowers, he doesn't care! :D )

Did you struggle with picking a ceremony location? Anyone who thought about it as obsessively as me?

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