Friday, May 20, 2011

It's done!

Well, the prep is done. Now he just needs to drop to one knee and ask. lol :-P

Last night M asked my parents for their blessing. No one will tell me exact details, but I've been told that it was very sweet (my mom) and from the heart (mom again), that it wasn't as eloquent as practiced (M), my mom cried (M and dad), and that my dad was unprepared and in denial (mom and dad).

My poor mom, it was an emotional roller coaster yesterday. First that, then graduation, then meeting M's parents... I gave her like five hugs at graduation, she was crying so much!

Apparently when my best friend J said told my parents that M wanted to talk to them, my mom knew, but my dad walked around saying "That can't possibly be it, he wants to talk about what car we're taking to graduation. That can't be it." lol My dad is so cute sometimes. :-D

So now I get to be the nervous wreck every time M looks like he's going to kneel... He's already said that he's going to purposely drop to a knee to tie his shoes, while picking up things he's dropped, etc. etc.

And then the planning!!!

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