Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I admit it...

I truly am a wedding planner's daughter.

Since the age of twelve I have watched my mother plan her events. And pretty close to there began helping/working on the events as well. Although I never really graduated to planner status, I certainly was right there in the thick of it.

My mom, L, didn't start out in wedding planning, it snuck up on her. Originally she only did fundraisers. But then one of her friend's daughters was getting married, and then one of her friends, and then one of my friends.... You can see where this is going. One wedding for this friend, one for that friend... and pretty soon you're doing weddings for people that you only tenuously have any kind of relationship with. (my best friend's cousin's brother-in-law's sister's friend from second grade....)

Which leads to me. Overly-analytical at weddings, knowledgeable about the costs of rentals, and ready to scrutinize every aspect of the day. (To myself of course, I'm not horribly mean.) I'm known to watch Say Yes to the Dress, My Fair Wedding, and Bridezillas, among other wedding-related shows. Sunday on the We network, or wedding show day, is my favorite television day of the week. I frequent wedding blogs, photographer's blogs, and I'm known to hang out on theknot.com. Why? Because I live and breathe that stuff. I truly enjoy it. Why? Because I was raised right there. I've seen successful weddings and flops. I've seen weddings done "on the cheap" and a couple that were several thousand dollars. The whole gamut was just part of growing up, and is firmly ingrained in my brain.

Now, with my boyfriend asking jewelry questions and making engagement noises, I though I might need a place to put down my thoughts. Also, it's been suggested that I become a planner myself. (Something my mother has been trying to convince me of for the last couple of years.) And it might be nice to have a place to show brides that I actually have every idea of what I'm talking about... and they should trust me with the most important day of their lives thus far. :D

So here we go!

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