Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We've established...

... that I stalk wedding blogs and have for years right??

Ok, just checking. Just making sure that everyone is aware of my obsession. lol

I've been on vacation for the last two weeks, hence the absence, and when I came back my Google reader had 1000+ items waiting for me. Yes, you read that properly, 1000+ (1194 to be exact, well, as of the first time I checked the total - it could have been more).

And that is after I logged on twice during my vacation and read around 500 items. Oy.

Anyways... I am slowly working through my 1000+ items, (but in the last three days I have yet to get below the 1000 mark. Why? Because people keep posting!) and today I read this really great post from Meg over at A Practical Wedding. She's awesome. Seriously. Check it out. I'll wait...

Back? Ok. So, she posted basically two weeks ago about how she went and tried trapeze flying, but her post is about pushing through the fear that comes with something new. (It seems to have started with a fear of dancing lessons that someone else brought up... I think.)

It really struck me. She specifically mentions how as adults we never push ourselves, and I immediately thought back to the vacation I just took, and how my mother talked me into cliff jumping. Into a river.

She didn't really press too hard, but I wouldn't have done it if she hadn't suggested it, and waited to watch and take a picture. Why? Because. Because I had never done it before, because I was too busy doing nothing, because it was outside of my comfort zone, and I never would have thought of it.

I did it, and it was totally fun. (sorry everyone, no pictures yet...) I'm not saying there wasn't one moment of "well, crap... this is really high..." but I needed my mom to make that initial push. And I'm usually the one pushing for the oddities and doing things just to be able to say "I did that!"

So, in the end, Meg is right. As adults we don't step out on that limb enough, we don't push ourselves enough, we take the easy road. Even those of us who enjoy the road not taken.

Now I really want to find something to go into the wedding that we'll make us both step outside of our comfort zones. Hmmmmm... flash mob anyone?

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  1. I'm with you! I'm subscribed to 349 blogs between wedding blogs, design blogs, and local ones. Some days, I have to hit the "mark all read" button for the design blogs, but I'll make some time to get through the wedding and local ones. :)

    ~Jeannine (aka Miss Mink)