Thursday, August 11, 2011

Own it.

So I'm a little quirky. (weird, odd, whatever...) This is something that my fiance knows and loves about me, but that doesn't mean it doesn't come with it's own struggles.

I had this little speech (such as it is) for M the other day when we looked at me like I was crazy for wanting Chucks for the groomsmen, but then I turned around and needed it myself when I found myself waffling between two decisions for the sake of what's normal.

So I'm going to put it here in case anyone else needs it, or, more specifically, if I need it again. (And I'm sure I will.)

No matter what you are doing, what decision you are making, what centerpieces you choose to have - be they navy, plum, or pink-polka dotted - If it is you and you own it not one person will second guess.

This is coming from a girl that wore red Chucks to her senior prom, with a prom dress. (I even still have them.) The only person to raise an eyebrow was my mother, because she always wants me to be a lady, but even she had to admit, it was very me.

And as we tried on dresses, I lean towards the more vintage-y vibe, including a bird cage veil. Again, no one thought twice but my mother, and only because it wasn't her style. Her exact words? "It's very you."

So own it. All of it. Whatever you decide, it is yours to have and hold and love forever. Not one person will remember it later, except you and your SO. So do whatever you want, and if it's different, quirky, or even a little odd, that's okay, because most likely you are a little different, quirky, or odd.

I'll step off my soapbox now. Just remember...

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