Friday, August 5, 2011

We have a dress!

Well, we have a piece of paper that says we purchased a dress. I don't actually have one in hand.

And I don't have any pictures to show you either. My good friend, bridesmaid Mi, brought a camera and took lots of pictures as I tried things on, but won't let me see any of them. So, I don't even have anything to look at, other than my memories of actually wearing it.

BUT, it does exist, it is coming, and I'm excited!!

The consultant at the salon was so sweet and so great. My mom was flying in for the weekend, and I really wanted her to see me in a particular dress (and I really wanted to see me in that dress). So I called the salon, they close at 6 and my mom's flight didn't arrive until 5, and asked if they would mind if I dashed in just to try on one dress. The consultant spent a few minutes confirming that they had the dress, and then agreed.

To hedge my bets, I also made appointments at a couple other locations, just in case my dress ideas didn't work out.

We walked in the salon at 5:45, and the consultant told us that she'd be happy to stay and let me try on as many as I'd like.

Wow, really?

So I picked up the one that I was there for and half a dozen others and headed to a dressing room. There were definitely a couple maybes, and I saved the one I wanted for last, so I wouldn't be comparing them all to that one.

Once I put on the dress I was there for, it was obvious. This was the one! I would have taken it home and slept in it had it been the proper color (it was Ivory). lol

It won't be here until December! (I guess that happens a lot with this designer...) but until then I can still admire the pictures online right? :-D

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